Pray with us!

Beginning in August 2017, a prayer team has been meeting weekly to seek God’s leading for InterGen Global Forum. Please join us in covering every aspect of this gathering in prayer.

Praise God for His kindness and provision in giving us this opportunity to come together to encourage one another.

Pray that we may be Spirit-led, God-honoring, Kingdom-building, rooted in love, and overflowing with God’s wisdom in all agendas and decisions. May there be truthful unity in the planning team along with peace, health, godliness, and growing faith in the process.

Pray for provision, protection, and anointing of the plenary speakers, workshop teachers, emcees, and worship leaders.

Pray for ministry partners to fill all needed roles large and small. May each one be of the “fellowship of the burning heart,” passionate for Christ, not personal power or gain.

May there be financial provision for all genuine needs and wise use of resources. May we faithfully bring our fishes and loaves before the Lord and rejoice to see Him multiply it according to His will.

Pray for followers of Christ from all generations to attend — from colleges and universities, from ISMs, from churches, American friends, teammates, students. May there be an abundance of divine connections and conversations in pre-conference promotion and during the conference.

Pray for technical provision — website function, lights, sound, powerpoints, possible recordings, needs known and unknown.

Pray for a powerful work of God and testimony of His favor to increase our capacity and skill to bless the nations with His amazing love.